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When Dock Street Brewery was founded in 1985 in Philadelphia, we were one of the first post-prohibition craft breweries in the country - and Philly’s first all-grain brew pub. Our award-winning beers are among the top-rated in the world, and have earned us several silver and gold medals along the way.

We’ve come a long way since our inception at 18th and Cherry - 3.9 miles, to be exact - but to this day, countless craft beer drinkers credit Dock Street as the beer that turned them away from watery macro-brews and domestic light lagers. Now, we’re known as much for our fearless experimental beers like the Walker (brewed with goat brains in honor of our favorite show, The Walking Dead) as for staples like our Bohemian Pilsner or our Rye IPA, which Beer Advocate ranks among the Top 25 Rye Beers in the World. (An impressive feat, considering that only about 500 barrels of the Rye IPA are brewed a year and sold exclusively in Philadelphia.)

Today, Dock Street Brewery practices our craft in a 110-year-old converted firehouse at the corner of 50th and Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia. We converted roughly one third of the firehouse into a semi-production brewery, devoting the rest of the space to a sensory-stimulating restaurant. Many of our drafts travel less than 65 feet from conditioning tanks in the brewery straight to the pint glasses and mouths of our patrons, making our offerings quite literally some of the freshest beers available.

Complementing the handcrafted brews is impressive lineup of hand-tossed, wood fired pizza, char-grilled burgers, numerous vegetarian and vegan friendly options, fries and bites, Pennsylvania wines, and beer cocktails.  Neighbors and travellers alike enjoy two bars, an open kitchen, a massive EarthStone Wood Oven, outdoor seating, and ceiling high windows displaying copper-clad brew kettles.

Here’s some of what goes on here every week:

Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 4pm - 6pm

Late Night Happy Hour Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11pm - 1am

Movie Night every Tuesday at 8pm

Brunch every Sunday from 11am - 2pm 

Brewery Tours every Saturday at 2pm and 4pm Email to get going!

Live music and events often. Check our events page and like us on Facebook/Twitter for details.

Brewing Company

Brown Bomber Ale

Medium bodied with chocolate, toffee and berry notes.



Man Full of Trouble Porter

A nod to the only pre-revolutionary tavern still standing in the city, “Man Full of Trouble” was one of Colonial Philadelphia’s first watering holes.  This London Style Porter was brewed with “old-world” in mind. Black and chocolate malts create its deep mahogany appearance and creamy espresso like flavor. A blend of English East Kent Goldings and Fuggles hops lends a delicate earthy  presence.



Firehouse Saison

Light and refreshing with a special twist form the addition of smoked malts. Delivers a low-key chewy, smokey flavor balanced by fruity saison yeast.



Crackle and Squeeze

Farmhouse saison brewed with cracked black pepper, Sicilian pink pepper and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons.



Prisoner of Hell

This straw-colored ale has a robust aroma of tropical fruits, floral hops, and doughy malt.  Flavors of bubblegum, herbs and spice, and a slight tartness make this devilish beer dangerously drinkable.  A dose of black, white, and green pepper, create a spicy finish that builds as you continue to sip.  World Beer Cup Medalist



Royal Bohemian Pilsner

One of Dock Street's flagship brews from the 1980's, brewed in the style of the original pilsner beers of Bohemia in a tradition that dates back to 1842.  We use the finest pilsner malts and a generous amount of Bohemian Saaz Hops to produce a golden color, soft, nutty malt flavor and floral hop bouquet.



Dock Street Amber Ale

The flagship Dock Street recipe, the one that started it all in 1985. Full Bodied, exceptionally balanced and always admmired for it's clean smooth finish.



Amber Ale

THE flag-ship Dock Street recipe, brewed fresh at our West Philly diggs.  Crafted with Pilsner, 2-row, and Caramel malts and American Cascade hops.  This malt forward pale ale helped define the American Craft Beer revolution.



Session IPA

Floral, easy drinking



Cranberry Kolsch

New Recipe! A medium, well balanced Golden Ale. Hopped generously with Simcoe, Amarillo, East Kent Golding, and Citra hops. This pale ale boasts an incredible hop presence. Notes of citrus and grapefruit fill the aroma and pleasantly linger on the palate.



Belgian IPA

A hopped up twist on a belgian classic.  Spicy, fruity, banana notes lent by Belgian Chouffe yeast fill the nose and dance on the palate.  Substantial flavor and aroma hops provide lingering notes of citrus and marmalade.  A smooth, relatively clean belgian that masks an 8% ABV almost too well.




An aggressively hopped American Style India Pale Ale brewed with Simcoe and Amarillo hops.  The use of 20% malted rye gives this ale a unique dry and spicy character.  Highly ranked, extremely complex, yet incredibly balanced.  This beer stays on tap pretty much year-round and is our best seller out of house.  



West of Center Pale Ale

A golden colored American Pale Ale that is well balanced and slightly dry.  Substantial late addition flavor and aroma hops lend notes of fresh grapefruit, orange, and lemon.



No Exit Double IPA

With an enormous hop bill, and numerous dry-hop additions, this is by far our hoppiest brew.  No Exit has intense, dry, fruity, earthy, danky, and citrusy flavors, with a lingering, resiny presence.  A crisp, dry finish beautifully veils eight and a half percent.  Like getting punched in the mouth by 104 ibu's of American hops.



Berliner Vice

Eat it up eat it up yum.  West Philly Berliner Weisse, brewed with fresh lime zest, soaked in copious amounts of Vicio Mezcal.  Notes of smoke, a pleasant tartness, and subtle citrus notes.  



Belgian Golden

Clean malt profile showcasing belgian yeast notes.




A blonde colored, unfiltered interpretation of a German Kolsch.  Crisp and clean flavor with a delicate balance between hops and malt. This easily drinkable beer is perfect for any occasion, including Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.




a true session beer, make no mistake.  A light bodied tart wheat beer lightly salted with Himalayan Pink salt.  Refreshingly quenching.



Cask: Berliner w/Mezcal, raspberry, and blood orange

Berliner Weisse cask conditioned with blood orange, Mezcal, and local raspberries. 



Summer in Berlin

Old dog, new tricks; a sour twist on our beloved Summer Session.  Behold, our 'Philly Style' Berliner Weisse brewed with fresh lemongrass and fresh ginger.  This tart, sessionable beer begs for hot weather.  Summer in Berlin opens up with a refreshing lactic punch that melds beautifully with grassy citrus notes and finishes with a subtle ginger spice.  Your new favorite summer beer.  Repeat. 



Dry-hopped Belgian

Our golden Belgian, dry hopped with a blend of whole flower Cascade and Tettnang hops.



Oyster Stout

Satisfying that summer itch for notes of chocolate, coffee, and the sea.  Light-to-medium body, pleasantly dry, and refreshing.  Repeat. 



Fresh Hire IPA

American IPA, carefully brewed and thoroughly hopped by our newest brewer.  Medium malt backbone competes admirably with multiple, borderline irresponsible hop additions of Simcoe, Amarillo, Columbus, Centenial, and Citra.  Dank citrus and juicy fruit flavors with subtle earthy notes.  Whoa



Let's rewind about three decades and go grab a beer. Let's find a good beer. Let's find a great beer. Forget local, we'll settle for domestic. In 1985, amidst a proverbial sea of watered down and adjunct-plagued lagers, Dock Street Brewing Co. was born. As the country slowly but surely started embracing these full-bodied, full flavored brews, the company grew. A lot.  

Fast-forward about a decade to 1996 and Dock Street would become the 26th largest microbrewery in the country, producing over 25,000 barrels of beer a year, distributing to 24 states, and earning medals in the world's most prestigious beer competitions.

Dock Street was sold in 2000, but then reacquired by Certo in 2002. For a decade or so, Dock Street produced two of our flagship brews, Royal Bohemian Pilsner and their Amber Ale. In 2007, Certo oversaw the completion of her new brewpub at the corner of 50th and Baltimore Avenue, in the beautiful, progressive West Philadelphia.

Today, Dock Street Brewery practices its craft in a 110-year-old converted firehouse at the corner of 50th and Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia. We converted roughly one third of the firehouse into a semi-production brewery, devoting the rest of the space to a sensory-stimulating restaurant. Many of our drafts travel less than 65 feet from conditioning tanks in the brewery straight to the pint glasses and mouths of our patrons, making our offerings quite literally some of the freshest beers available.

Small preview pouring beers  music fest rc

Rosemarie Certo

1985 in Philadelphia was a bleek time.  Not really, but Craft Beer was virtually non-existent in our fair city (and country, for that matter).  Part of original ownership, dating back to the mid 80's, Rosemarie is considered an early pioneer and one of the first women in the (still) male dominated Craft Beer Movement.  Born in Sicily to an entrepreneurial family of olive-oil producers and vintners, Rosemarie emigrated to the United States at just 6 years old.  After earning degrees from Penn State and Moore College of Art, she taught English as well as worked as a professional photographer before her entry into the world of beer.  Rosemarie attributes much of her love and passion for crafting high quality and innovative beers to her family's artisanal background.
Small preview mc2

Marilyn Candeloro

Vice President
Marilyn joined us in 2010 and has her hands in almost every facet of the company; without her, Dock Street would most likely implode.  While her title is VP, Marilyn coordinates brewing operations and sales, navigates the complex relationship between producer and Liquor Control Board, oversees Front of House affairs, organizes the Annual DS Music Fest and is a Founding Partner of Dock Street Spirits.  I'm probably forgetting something(s).
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Vince DesRosiers

Head Brewer
Vince joined us in 2014 and quickly proved an invaluable asset to our Dock Street family. Along with a so-so sense of humor and a propensity for breakdancing, Vince brings with him a decade of brewing expertise, honed at multiple Iron Hill locations around the greater Philadelphia Area. Apart from brewing world-class ales and lagers and tackling the never-ending array of obstacles that are synonymous with professional brewing, Vince enjoys spending time with his family, working on his house, Run The Jewels, and Russian Imperial Stouts.
Small preview sasha horse 2

Sasha Certo-Ware

Brewer, Marketing, Sales
Sasha also keeps himself busy with different roles in the company.  Most of his time is spent in the brewery, nursing numerous beers in various stages through our copper-clad gauntlet of elaborate piping and temperature controlled tanks.  Sasha grew up rebuilding motorcycles and cars, which gives him a certain affinity for fixing stuff that breaks (which is all the time).  Outside of the brewery, Sasha spends time marketing our brand throughout Philadelphia.  Sasha is coincidentally Rosemarie's Son.
Dock Street Brewery is an artisanal and truly handcrafted 10 barrel brewhouse. Dock Street has a rich brewing history and a reputation for brewing exceptional and creative ales and lagers. Our beers are all small batch, unfiltered and unpasteurized. Try our best selling Rye IPA or find out what other seasonal/specialties we have up our sleeves. Contact Sasha Certo-Ware to keep abreast of our availability or order today.  Sasha makes beer.


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Upcoming Events

Women's World Cup On The Big Screen at Dock Street

The Women's World Cup is in full swing in Canada, and Team USA has already won a match - it's first, against Australia.

We are most certainly not a sports bar, but we are kind of obsessed with soccer, so we'll be screening all the matches our home team plays on the big screen at Dock Street. The Women's World Cup is on until July 5th, and we've got our fingers crossed that our team will give us a reason to have our projector out until then - and bring home another World Cup to add to the two we already have. (Just saying.) We haven't won yet this millennium, sadly (our World Cups were snagged in 1991 and 1999) so this could be our year to take back the glory from Germany, which also has two World Cup victories. Japan took top honors last time, in 2011.

Check FIFA for game times, and head in to Dock Street to watch while you eat hand-tossed pizza and drink craft beer. It's literally the most patriotic thing you could do.

7th Scavenger Run & Free Music Fest.... A Hoot!

Presented by Philadelphia Federal Credit Union and Whole Foods Market

A celebration of great beer, delicious food and the best of local music was promised.
A celebration of great beer, delicious food and the best of local music was delivered!
Thanks to everyone who joined us and partook in
a) drinking pints and pints of Berliner Vice, Rye IPA, Oyster Stout, Kolsch;
b) munching on Whole Foods delicious made-in-house grilled chicken and vegan sausages and our wood-fired pizzas;
c) feeling the sounds of jam rock from Filghtschool, 'soothing, jangly, lo-fi garage pysch rock from Honey Radar, fun pop-punk from Pushin' It 2 the Limit, a positive and empowering dance performance from The Women's Revoluationary Vagime and the sweet and soulful voice of Rosemary Fiki;
d) running through West Philly to witness all of its beauty and diversity and then joining your friends in beers, food and music

It's all about the musicians and we loved everything they shared with us and with you. We have found great neighbors and partners in our sponsors Philadelphia Federal Credit Union and Whole Foods Market Callowhill.  Drink Philly, XPN, and The Deli always help spread the word. We thank you all. You are  so very much appreciated.

Good times, good times....

In case you missed the bands....
The Women's Revolutionary Vagime-

Dock Street Beer Ain’t Nothing to Funk With

Dock Street Brewery is barrel-aging Dock Street Beer Ain’t Nothing to Funk With, a Golden Saison with non-subtle notes of spicy pineapple and tart orange.

And we’re bringing Da Ruckus to da beer, serenading it non-stop all summer with the sweet sweet sounds of Wu Tang Clan while it lies conditioning in a red wine barrel from a local winery.

Head Brewer Vince Desrosiers had always wanted to do a music series, and the name "Dock Street Beer Ain't Nothing to Funk With", in homage to one of his favorite rap dynasties, was too perfect not to funk with. From there, brewer Sasha Certo-Ware devised a speaker hook-up that would play Wu Tang Clan 24/7.

As hipster whistle-blowers are eager to point out, this is, in a word, silly. In fact, the plan originated as a joke, but eleventy beers later it was decided that therein was a valid scientific theory that needed to be tested. "We wondered if the bass would cause enough vibration to move the yeast around and create some different flavors during fermentation," Desrosiers explains.

For you cynics out there: There is some Method (Man) to the madness, besides the mere fact that we want to listen to Wu Tang for months on end. According to our Masta Brewa (and science) “When yeast grows it produces flavor compounds. Vibrations are proven to cause yeast to grow more, which results in more flavor.”

We pressed play a week ago, and we’ll pull the plug (and tap the beer) in September, 2015. The result? Four amped-up kegs that will be on tap and in bottles at Dock Street in West Philly.

"Funk" sets in motion several summer series we're brewing up, including a barrel program and a sour beer roster, as well as BerlinerVice, a tart, German-style wheat beer flavored with lime zest and Vicio Mezcal from our from our sister company, Dock Street Spirits.

As for our playlist: A “Run the Jewels” beer is on deck.

Finders, Sippers: Dock Street's Annual Scavenger Run + Music Fest is Coming

The problem with closing out Philly Beer Week with a bang year after year is that you start to look forward to the end before it even starts...

While everyone else is spending Sunday nursing hangovers and vowing never to drink again over mimosas, Dock Street and our brethren are gearing up for a run, scavenger hunt, and free outdoor concert, using all that Vitamin B from a week’s worth of tipple as fuel.

The Scavenger Run starts at 3:30 PM. (It was orignally scheduled for 4pm, please make note of the new, earlier start time!)

Participation is $25 and gets you a beer ticket, a t-shirt with brand new Dock Street artwork (i.e. never before immortalized on a t-shirt, ever) and the chance to win beer prizes for the hunters with the fastest times.

Put to use your superior knowledge of the City of Brotherly Brewery Love, and after the run, celebrate your accomplishments by inviting your lazier, non-running friends to join you at Dock Street for a free concert (and more beer).

Visit to sign up:

Dock Street Walker: The Smartest Beer You'll Ever Drink

Our favorite brain candy? AMC’s The Walking Dead. We paid tribute to the show with a mind-boggling brew that we dubbed Walker - in honor of the type of person who is likely to love it.

Walker, an American Pale Stout, was brewed with substantial amounts of malted wheat, oats and flaked barley for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Fuggle hops provide delicate, earthy notes while the cranberries create a sinister bloody hue, adding a slight tartness.

The pre-sparge-brain-addition (yes, you read that right) provides this beer with intriguing, subtle notes of smoke.

We fielded calls from Philadelphia to Asia requesting bottles of the bubbly brew, and were covered in Time Magazine, Uncrate, and Business Insider. Oh, and we also got a ring from Walking Dead producers, who were also keen for a bite, er, sip.

Click here to watch former Head Brewer Justin Low and brewer Sasha Certo-Ware discuss the making of Walker with Pretentious Film Majors (their words, not ours!)

Checking in at the Four Seasons

One of our favorite - and swankiest - collaborations to date.

Dock Street’s very first brewpub was at 2 Logan Square in the 1990’s, and we still love to check in with our old neighbors every now and then. We partnered up with The Four Seasons Hotel, across the street from our former spot, to jointly brew a series of delicious beers using ingredients from our own stash, and the Four Season’s pantry.

The first up was the Truffled Old Ale, a traditional English beer that was brewed at Dock Street, aged in Chardonnay barrels in the Four Seasons' cellar, then hand-bottled it and left to condition and dry-hop with winter truffles from the Four Seasons’ kitchen for an additional 4 weeks. The well rounded, predominately malty brew was balanced with just a touch of hop bitterness that complimented the notes of black coffee, dark chocolate and figs, with a dark earthiness from the truffles. The perfect complement to an order of truffled french fries, n’est pas?

Read up on the other three recipes in the collaboration, plus the Spanglish Fly, which has since become a signature Dock Street recipe. And remember, great beer, not just champagne, can be enjoyed with a discerning palate - and pinkies firmly planted in an upright position.

Caliente Golden Ale – Brewed with 100% Blue Agave Nectar. After the beer fully fermented, it made way to the bright tanks where it aged for a few weeks on Guajillo and Ancho chiles that were sourced and selected by Four Seasons chefs. Agave and chillies aside, at its core, Caliente Golden is a traditional Belgian Strong Ale with a subtle, toasty malt profile that quickly moves into notes of tropical fruit and spices, and finishes with a mild residual heat and tanginess from the chiles.

Crackle & Squeeze – 5% ABV – This farmhouse saison brewed with cracked black pepper, Sicilian pink pepper, and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons. Skip right to dessert.

O.P. Yum – ABV 5%, 30 IBUs – O.P. Yum is made with wheat, oats and pomegranate; a melodic trio for a refreshingly tart session beer with interesting complexity and soft, creamy mouthfeel. A slightly rosy appearance and the subtle sour and dry finish comes thanks to the pomegranate.

Spanglish Fly – ABV 6.75% ~20 IBUs – Originally brewed in collaboration with The Four Seasons, this bold and edgy brew balances herbs, spices, aphrodisiacs, and potential hallucinogens. A Bier de Garde by nature, Spanglish showcases fresh ginger, yarrow, and the controversial wormwood. Complex, spicy, and balanced.

Phone: 215-726-2337

Bar Hours: Mon–Thurs 3–11pm,  Fri & Sat 12pm–1am, Sun 12–5

Kitchen Hours: Mon–Thurs 4–10pm, Fri & Sat 12pm–11:00pm, Sun 12–4


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